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GL Prost GeoConsulting

Welcome to GL Prost GeoConsulting: Geology for everyone

Welcome to GL Prost GeoConsulting: Geology for everyone

Welcome to GL Prost GeoConsulting: Geology for everyoneWelcome to GL Prost GeoConsulting: Geology for everyone

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G. L. Prost - Profile

 Dr. Prost has spent 42 years in mineral and petroleum exploration, coal mapping, remote sensing, structural geology, basin modeling, field development, oil sands reservoir modeling, and reserves analysis.

Dr. Prost is the principal geologist in G.L. Prost GeoConsulting, is a registered professional geologist in Wyoming (USA) and a member of the Northern California Geological Society, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. 

Collecting vitrinite sample, Veracruz Basin, Mexico




Forty-two years geologic experience including the United States, Canada, and international. Extensive background in field investigations including mapping and sampling, preparing maps and cross sections, preparing proposals and work plans, and evaluating airphotos and other remote sensing data. Proficient in managing projects, mentoring staff, property evaluations, reserves calculations, and preparing reports and presentations. Familiar with drilling programs and environmental baseline studies. Managed and coordinated domestic and international projects. 


2015-present G. L. Prost GeoConsulting. Consultancy specializing in structural evaluations and remote sensing. Involved in evaluating properties, geologic mapping and field work, environment and natural hazards evaluation (earthquake, volcanic, landslides, floods, pollution), energy and mineral exploration and development, and leading field programs and classes. 

1997-2015 Exploration & Development, ConocoPhillips Canada, Calgary 

(previously Gulf Canada, Denver and Calgary)

SENIOR STAFF GEOLOGIST, OIL SANDS: Reservoir and reserves evaluation, Christina Lake project, Alberta.

MANAGER: Arctic Frontier Exploration (Mackenzie-Beaufort, Sverdrup basins). 

TEAM LEAD: calculated reserves for and reservoir characterization/modeling of Parsons Lake field (3  trillion cubic feet gas), Northwest Territories.  Led field programs to determine structure and stratigraphy of reservoir.

·  Generated prospects in Mackenzie delta-Beaufort Sea. Discovered Umiak oil and gas field in 2004 (120 million barrels oil equivalent). 

EXPLORATION ADVISOR: Model petroleum systems in the Mackenzie-Beaufort Basin, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Laurentian basin, Mongolia)

·  Worked on property acquisition/divestment; ran data rooms for properties in Canada, Romania, Argentina, Mongolia, and Yemen

· Mapped structural geology using remote sensing and field mapping, Canadian foothills, Mongolia

· Prepared budgets for domestic and foreign projects 

·  Established contacts and liaised with foreign partners in the Falklands, Yemen, Mongolia, Argentina

Feb-July 1997: CONSULTANT 

Shell Oil Research, Houston, TX: Structural mapping and remote sensing, 


Proespa International, Houston, TX Spanish geotechnical translations

1980-1997:  Amoco Production Company, Denver CO and Houston, TX

 SENIOR STAFF GEOLOGIST, TRINIDAD, Worldwide Exploration Group

• Integrated geological and 3D seismic data to predict reservoir, structural, and migration risk. Discovered three fields with 4.5 trillion cubic feet of gas and 60 million barrels of oil (Sparrow, Renegade, Parang fields). 


• Project coordinator between PEMEX & Amoco to evaluate basins by integrating outcrop, core, well log, remote sensing, seismic, gravity, magnetic, paleo, and geochemical data in Sierra Madre and Tampico and Veracruz basins. Presented results (in Spanish) to PEMEX management. Taught classes and led field programs. 


• Supervised group of 10 remote sensing professionals and technicians

• Improved effectiveness of team by streamlining processing and aggressive   internal marketing of capabilities, with the result of lowering per unit cost and serving more clients while maintaining or improving work quality.

• Provided prospects, structure maps, and environmental baseline studies worldwide. 

GEOLOGIST & Team Lead, Denver Region Technical Services 

• Provided structural evaluations throughout western and central U.S. and Alaska.

• Generated prospect/structure maps for basin and field studies 

1977-1980: Superior Oil Company, Houston, TX

 GEOLOGIST, Geoscience Technology Lab 

Team lead: regional and field-scale hydrocarbon exploration, western U.S. and international.

• Created alteration maps for mineral exploration program of mining subsidiaries.

• Computer-processed images to enhance mineral alteration and structural style. 

1975-1976: U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO

 GEOLOGIST, Conservation Division

• Mapped coal quadrangles, Sand Wash basin; measured coal sections.

Supervised Yampa coal drilling program; calculated reserves.

• Prepared geologic/coal isopach maps and open file reports. 


• PhD Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 1986

• MSc Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 1975

• BSc Geology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. Magna Cum Laude 1973

• Fluent in Spanish


· American Association Petroleum Geologists

· Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists

· Northern California Geological Society

· Registered Professional Geologist, State of Wyoming No. PG-1799.